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Lanchester Community Orchard is one of the working groups of the Lanchester Partnership. The Orchard was started in 2011, when a field at the top of Newbiggen Lane was leased for 25 years. A group of enthusiastic Lanchester residents then set about designing, plotting and planting the orchard with the aid of a locally provided grant from the County Durham Community Foundation. The community orchard is maintained and run entirely by the orchard members volunteering their time and skills.

The orchard today is thriving with over 200 fruit trees, fruit bushes and nut trees; providing fruit from April through to October.  It is integrated with the Margery Flatts Allotment Association, with 30 allotments. At its centre a large square social area surrounded by fruit trees trained along fences. This central area provides a meeting place for members and their families. To date events include: wassailing, mindfulness walks, open days, star-gazing, campfires and harvest celebrations. The community orchard and allotment association are closely linked, many people are members of both groups.

Beyond the allotments is a fruit walk, a grassy path that meanders between the fruit trees.  And surrounding the whole field are wonderful views over Lanchester and the parish.

Members have visions of the orchard growing in fruitfulness over the next 5 years, of expanding membership and more community groups coming to enjoy the atmosphere created, the wildlife and the views.

20170520_100147Anyone is welcome to join the orchard, there are so many different ways you can be involved, from a little light pruning to grass cutting, scything and wall building! … all in the company of others who enjoy the outdoors

Membership Details
Full membership entails a commitment to attending work days (as many as is feasible) to reap, plant, weed etc. AND entitles you to a share of the produce, which is now considerable! You are also welcome to all the events put on by the Orchard.
A Friend subscription entitles you to be part of all the events organised by the Orchard plus a proportionate share of the produce. We understand some can’t help with the practical work of the orchard or simply don’t have the time to spare at a weekend, but your support is invaluable to the success of the project.

Yearly subscriptions:

Full membership family – £20.00

Friends of the Orchard  – £10.00

You can download our membership form here.

We always welcome new members of all ages. If you would like to know more or join the Orchard please visit our contact page.

How to find us

Click here to find us on Google maps

Lanchester Partnership Privacy Statement

The Lanchester Community Orchard is part of the Lanchester Partnership. Please click on the link below to download our privacy statement.

Lanchester Partnership Privacy Statement

Margery Flatts Allotment Association

Within the Community Orchard are the plots of the Margery Flatts Allotment Association. Although the Orchard and Allotment association work closeLly together, they are a seperate organinsation. If you are walking around the Orchard, please remember that the plots are the only part of the Orchard not accessible to our visitors. If you would like more information about the allotments please email the chair of the Allotment Association, Simon Johnson.

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