Celebrating Easter in the Orchard 3rd – 11th April 2021

The orchard has been decorated with hand painted Easter Eggs to celebrate Easter. Members, family and friends of all ages from 18 months to 97 helped to decorate the eggs. A walk around the orchard showed the amazing variety and creativity of everyone who joined in with the event.

As well as spotting the Easter Eggs, you could lookout for ‘rabbits’ and Peter Rabbit. Families who took part were able to claim a chocolately treat donated by Lanchester Wines. We hope you were able to come up and wander round. If not, you might like to see some of the decoreated eggs in the photos below.

A Haven for Wildlife

The orchard proveds a variety of habitats for our native wildlife, but it’s not just the community orchard that attracts the creepers, crawlers and fliers. In the centre of the orchard is the thriving Margery Flatts Allotment Association. It’s not all vegetable growing, a few members also grow flowers. One of the allotment members has had a wonderful display of flowers and was able to catch some of the wildlife they attraced this summer on camera.

Apple Time!

It is well worth a walk around the orchard at this time of year. Many of our trees are covered in apples and it is so easy to see how many different varieties of apples we are growning. The apples are all different colours, sizes, shapes and taste! Many are heritage apple trees and most of the apples would not be found on sale in a supermarket!

Work sessions start again!

The easing of the lockdown restrictions in July allowed us to start our communal work mornings, although all members maintained social distancing. We were able to continue weeding the forest garden and fruit beds and grass cutting continued.

Summer in the Orchard 2020

Members have continued to visit the orchard throughout the summer and we were delighted once again to be included in the Garden Trail organised in aid of the Community Centre.

The open spaces allowed us to plan a route around the orchard enabling our visitors to visit safely. Some or our families even brought a picnic and made the most of their visit.

As usual, we had lots of help from our members, a big thank you to them.