October 6th 2018, Juicing and apple picking day

Many of the orchard members came together for our annual apple picking and juicing day. A tent was set up to sort the apples for eating and to share them between members.

Any apples unfit for eating were juiced. The apples had to be cut up, chopped then pressed. The juice was then bottled for members to take away.

We also took the opportunity to take samples of each apple for a later apple tasting session. The orchard grows a wide variety of apples, many of which are not available to buy in shops. Each one has it’s own distinct flavour and produces a different type of juice.


Village apple juicing afternoon

During the afternoon, eight village families brought their own apples along to be juiced. All had responded to the advert we had placed in the Village Voice. We soon had a production line going with orchard members staying to help.


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