Planting our new Fig Tree

We have recently planted a Fig Tree in our new Forest Garden. Fig trees need their roots contained or they won’t produce a good crop of figs. A bucket was sunk into the ground and stones put in the base. Figs need a warm, sunny spot to grow and the forest garden is in an ideal position. It will be interesting to watch the fig tree grow over the next few years and to pick our first crop of figs!

Installation of our new information board

As part of our grant application, we wanted to create a welcome board to help our visitors make the most of their walk around the orchard. A huge thanks must go to several of the orchard members who led this part of the project. This involved consulting all members about the design, gathering information and quotes and designing the board. The board was made by the Lion Mouth Community Interest Company and thanks to them for the good job they made of the mounting.

Now, if you take a wander around the orchard, don’t forget to look out for the all the points of interest mentioned on the new board.

Wild flowers

During the last two years, we have been planting more wild flowers to increase their diversity in the orchard. We are now seeing the results of this effort by the growing number of different species being spotted in the hay meadows around the trees and the ditches on the edge of the orchard. It was pleasing to see that the wild flower plugs planted earlier in the year by the Brownies have also begun to grow. Click on the pictures below for the wild flower names.

The Forest Garden Seat

Work has now started on the grand construction of the Forest Garden Seat. Supported by funds from the County Durham Community Foundation, the orchard group are building a stone and wooden seating area in the lower forest garden so that members and visitors can sit and enjoy the lovely views. The project will take quite a few months but initial preparation of the ground has now begun.