30th May 2018 Visit from County Durham Community Fund

Much of the development in the orchard has been funded by grants awarded by the County Durham Community Fund.

On Wednesday 30th May we were pleased to be visited by Naomi Stevens, one of the fund’s Donor Services Managers.  Naomi wanted to visit our orchard to see how much progress we have made and how we are implimenting the grants. She also wanted to report back to the donors who kindly donate to and support the Community Fund.

Representatives of the Orchard Steering Committee were there to met her and to show her around the orchard. It was a pleasure to have Mike Gladstone to represent Lanchester Partnership as the orchard is one of the partnership’s working groups.

Naomi was able to see the huge variety of fruit tress and soft fruits we are growing in the orchard. She was particularly interested to see the seating area, our current project which is funded by a grant from the Commnunity Fund.

Two photography students accompanied Naomi and they enjoyed taking lots of photos of the trees and plants. The visit ended with a cup of tea and chance to sample some of the produce from the orchard including nuts, soft fruit and apple juice.

20180530_101925 - Copy
Steve and Mike showing Naomi Stevens our new seating area.
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