Rainbows, Brownies and Guides hunt for bugs and plant some trees!

On Tuesday 18th June and Thursday 20th June, the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides paid a visit to help with some planting and to hunt for bugs.

The Rainbows took part in a bug hunt finding slugs, snails, frog hoppers and an unusual scorpian fly.

They then planted a brambley apple tree with the help of Steve Bailey. They are planning a return visit to check that how much it has grown.


The Brownies followed the Rainbows and helped to plant two more brambley apple trees. They also did some amazing team work and planted 156 wild flower and herb plugs into larger pots ready for planting out in September. Their final job was to plant herbs in the forest garden.

The Guides visited on Thursday evening and planted two crab apple trees. They finished the evening around a campfire, toasting marshmallows and singing songs.

Visit from Jesmond Community Orchard 23rd August 2018

There are community orchards all around the country in lots of different locations. Jesmond community orchard has made good use of an area in Jesmond cemetary. In a space originally used as a work area, they have created an orchard used by many members of the community. It is very helpful as a community orchard to make contact with others to swap ideas, share skills and to get advice.

On a rather blowy and showery day at the end of August, four members of  Jesmond community orchard paid us a visit. They commented on the number of trees planted in our orchard and were impressed by the new seating area. They were also able to offer advice regarding apple identification. We share tea and scones sheltering from the rain under umbrellas. At the end of the visit, we were very kindly given three cider apple trees, adding to the diverse range of fruit trees. If you would like to see what’s happening in the Jesmond orchard you can visit their website here

A visit from the Monday Art Group

The community orchard is now being used by different groups based in the village. On July 30th, the Monday Art Group spent the afternoon up at the orchard. Two of the members, Malcolm Coils and Christine Gibson have kindly sent us photos of their paintings and drawings inspired by their visit.

The drawings are by Malcolm Coils. You can see more of Malcolm’s work on his blog at malcolmcoils.blogspot.co.uk

The water colours are by Christine Gibson.

30th May 2018 Visit from County Durham Community Fund

Much of the development in the orchard has been funded by grants awarded by the County Durham Community Fund.

On Wednesday 30th May we were pleased to be visited by Naomi Stevens, one of the fund’s Donor Services Managers.  Naomi wanted to visit our orchard to see how much progress we have made and how we are implimenting the grants. She also wanted to report back to the donors who kindly donate to and support the Community Fund.

Representatives of the Orchard Steering Committee were there to met her and to show her around the orchard. It was a pleasure to have Mike Gladstone to represent Lanchester Partnership as the orchard is one of the partnership’s working groups.

Naomi was able to see the huge variety of fruit tress and soft fruits we are growing in the orchard. She was particularly interested to see the seating area, our current project which is funded by a grant from the Commnunity Fund.

Two photography students accompanied Naomi and they enjoyed taking lots of photos of the trees and plants. The visit ended with a cup of tea and chance to sample some of the produce from the orchard including nuts, soft fruit and apple juice.

20180530_101925 - Copy
Steve and Mike showing Naomi Stevens our new seating area.

Brownies Lend a Hand!

On a warm May evening Lanchester Brownies and leaders planted out over 180 wild flower plugs at Lanchester Community Orchard. Everyone worked really hard to plant and water in the flowers in the grass beneath the blossoming trees. Over the next few years we hope that these plants will increase the biodiversity in the orchard providing not only nectar for insects and seeds for birds but also a wonderful vista for those enjoying a stroll around the orchard.Image1

A big thank you to all the Brownies and their leaders for their help in improving our shared environment.